Monday, April 20, 2009

How does paying your bills reflect on Christ?

Two Christian Home Builders...

Builder one is open and vocal about his faith. He goes to a Bible believing, gospel preaching church. He has built a home entirely for charity, for missions work. His wife is involved with a missions organization. As I am saying, they are extremely active in the Christian community and let you know about it.

Builder two is quiet about his faith. I only happened to learn about it, when he said, "well, actually that house is for my pastor..." I don't know much about builder two. He is honest, has never used profanity when working with me (of the many builders I work with who claim to be Christians, he is only one of two who does not swear), and he is on top of things.

The only thing is, builder one is slow to pay his bills. Very slow. Borderline delinquent on a regular basis.

Builder two pays his bills on time. Always.

Builder two has always had more credibility and a better testimony to me. And the number one factor in that is that he pays his bills.


  1. Never underestimate paying bills. Someone could get saved.

  2. This kind of goes hand in hand with boasting of our faith. Not to say that we aren't to boast, and be joyous of our faith; however, it is said that when we are prideful in our acts of faith, the praise we get is our reward. You don't know if builder two has built for missions, or what he tithes, or what his wife does, and aren't you glad that he doesn't boast of it?

  3. Yeah, I know what you are saying Lisa.

  4. The pharisees were all about actions and outward appearance and yet Christ called them white washed tombs, they look good on the outside but dead inside.

    Its true that actions speak louder than words.