Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Three Whys:

Why is it that people pump themselves full of expensive supplements, versus actually occasionally eating fish and frequently eating vegetables?

Why does ABC run ads for their new aliens taking over the world drama during Charlie Brown specials?

Why is a** now an acceptable word to say on TV at any time of the day on any program, except the Charlie Brown special above?


I am not a Wally World fan. Not for any reason besides being time consuming and having lousy service, but boy those clearance deals. The lawn and garden seasonal clearance is crazy cheap. I got Off Insect Repellent for .25. Random, but I was excited.

If Kelli and I ever build a personal home, we need accountability partners to make sure that we don't do stupid stuff. A co-worker and I were swapping stories and laughing hysterically about people who general their own houses. By the way, I'm not talking about anyone I know personally. They've all built cool houses people would actually want to buy.

Questions About Current Health Care Proposals

I'm just a guy sitting in the cheap seats, but I have some questions.

What federal programs are you satisfied with? Which ones deliver what they promise, and do it at or under budget?

When you have interactions with government employees, do you believe they have your best interest at heart, or do they deliver excellent service based on your ability to go elsewhere for the good or service you are coming to them for?

Do you believe that your survival on this planet is worth a financial investment? In other words, are you willing to fork over your own money to make sure that your life is preserved?

Exactly how is it that mandating that health insurance companies do things that they don't want to do because it negatively effects their bottom line bring down health care costs? If they have to cover people who have been irresponsible about their own health care, how will health care costs come down?

What is the name of the insurance company that owns their own Federal Reserve and can print its own money? What's the name of the insurance company that can require payment with automatic withdrawal with the power to fine or imprison behind that payment collection?

Who knows more about health care? You? A doctor? An insurance executive? A congressman?

Based on experience, the gov't definitely can be trusted with our health care.

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Brandstad vs. Culver. The facts on their differences.

There are stark differences between current Gov. Culver, and former Gov. Brandstad.

Brandstad has salt and pepper graying hair. Culver has redish/blond hair.

Culver's wife smokes. Brandstad's wife doesn't. Or not that we know of.

Culver has kids at home. Brandstad has grown children.

Culver likes to alienate his Union voter base, while Branstad (via Doug Gross), likes to alienate his Evangelical voter base.

Brandstad is Catholic. Culver is Presbyterian.

Culver hasn't raised taxes to cover a big budget. Brandstad has.

Branstad lives in West Des Moines. Culver lives in Des Moines.

Culver has a -D after his name. Brandstad has a -R after his name.

Culver hasn't expanded gambling in the state. Brandstad oversaw the origin and expansion of gambling in Iowa.

Culver's first name is "Chet." Brandstad's first name is "Terry."

Brandstad was in office when there was a major flood in Des Moines. Culver was in office when there was a major flood in Cedar Rapids.

I'm trying to think of more. Somebody help me out.