Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Three Whys:

Why is it that people pump themselves full of expensive supplements, versus actually occasionally eating fish and frequently eating vegetables?

Why does ABC run ads for their new aliens taking over the world drama during Charlie Brown specials?

Why is a** now an acceptable word to say on TV at any time of the day on any program, except the Charlie Brown special above?


I am not a Wally World fan. Not for any reason besides being time consuming and having lousy service, but boy those clearance deals. The lawn and garden seasonal clearance is crazy cheap. I got Off Insect Repellent for .25. Random, but I was excited.

If Kelli and I ever build a personal home, we need accountability partners to make sure that we don't do stupid stuff. A co-worker and I were swapping stories and laughing hysterically about people who general their own houses. By the way, I'm not talking about anyone I know personally. They've all built cool houses people would actually want to buy.

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