Friday, October 16, 2009

Brandstad vs. Culver. The facts on their differences.

There are stark differences between current Gov. Culver, and former Gov. Brandstad.

Brandstad has salt and pepper graying hair. Culver has redish/blond hair.

Culver's wife smokes. Brandstad's wife doesn't. Or not that we know of.

Culver has kids at home. Brandstad has grown children.

Culver likes to alienate his Union voter base, while Branstad (via Doug Gross), likes to alienate his Evangelical voter base.

Brandstad is Catholic. Culver is Presbyterian.

Culver hasn't raised taxes to cover a big budget. Brandstad has.

Branstad lives in West Des Moines. Culver lives in Des Moines.

Culver has a -D after his name. Brandstad has a -R after his name.

Culver hasn't expanded gambling in the state. Brandstad oversaw the origin and expansion of gambling in Iowa.

Culver's first name is "Chet." Brandstad's first name is "Terry."

Brandstad was in office when there was a major flood in Des Moines. Culver was in office when there was a major flood in Cedar Rapids.

I'm trying to think of more. Somebody help me out.

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  1. Branstad brought us gambling, Culver is contemplating expanding gambling.

    Branstad won't speak out publicly against the justices who redefined marriage, Culver won't either.

    Good post.