Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Stupid things I've seen people do to leave themselves vulnernable

#1 Put their kids, young or old, in lower level bedrooms with giant egress windows with those convenient landscape timbers making stairs (window wells) going down to the bedroom window.

#2 They have a garage keypad for their garage door, and the code is their numeric address. Or it's 1-2-3-4

#3 Leaving the door going from their attached garage to their home unlocked. All the time. I mean, they never lock it. Ever. Uhm, ever heard of thieves driving through neighborhoods pushing a button on an universal garage remote and waiting for a door to go up? It happens.

#4 Leaving the front door unlocked and unattended. Guy is on the riding lawn mower in the back. House is unlocked. Crook walks in, grabs tens of thousands of dollars of jewelry, and walks away.

#5 A combination of #2 & #3.

#6 Having a security system and never turning it on because they feel that is somehow reflects badly on what they tell themselves about their neighborhood, their ability to protect their family, or because they own a gun.

#7 Trusting a deadbolt on one door to keep an intruder out. Oh, I'm so impressed that you got the Titan 1000 Mega Tough HD Dead Bolt for your front door. What about the other doors? Or that giant window as tall as a grown man that is 6" off the ground that's concealed from view behind your home?

#8 Believing gun ownership secures their home and family. "Excuse me crazed rapist burglar guy while I go down to my gun safe, put in the combination, find the right hand gun from my collection, disable the trigger lock, and shoot you with it." Oh yeah, that's right, I forgot that you'd let him commit the crime an then track him down bounty hunter style and kill him. Right.... Yeah, that's really goin happen.

I guess there's a little sarcism in this blog. Just a little.


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  2. So what are your feelings regarding dogs as it relates to detouring break ins?

    I've heard they are quite effective in encouraging thieves/etc. to move along and like to think so myself (if the Jehovah Witnesses slamming my own door in my face when they seen Zeke barking at the door is any indication) yet I've not heard that personally from anyone with experience in alarm/home protection systems. Jehovah Witnesses are one thing but a determined burglar is quite another.

  3. Nate, I know I've heard at least two studies that say a barking dog is the #1 most effective security deterrent, followed by an alarm, followed by lots of lighting...

  4. Sweet, good to know!

    We've had the dog bark a few times only to see nothing when we go to look. We think he's just hearing the neighbor, an animal etc. And he may very well be but it makes me wonder if he scared off a potential burglar. If he had we'd never know it. Then again I'm not sure I'd want to know.