Thursday, July 9, 2009

Christian Business Man

I resist the notion of being a Christian business man. I resist the idea of marketing myself as a Christian business man, or expecting people to trust me based on the fact that I am a Christian. Part of this is just my rebellion against silly Evangelical trends, like "Christian Business Directories" or those don't do business with unbelievers. Some who market themselves as Christian business people are actually some of the most shady people you have ever met.

So I have these wonderful customers right now. They have made it evident they are Christians. They are just great people, in both a business and personal sense it seems. I keep being tempted to drop a line about my faith, as some sort of connection to them. However, as I said above, I just have this aversion to do this. Now, if this is for genuine motives, this is because I want my actions to be so evident of Christ, that people come to this conclusion on their own. Sometimes I've shared about it after we are done doing business. Then they are judging me on the results, and not on a sales ploy to try to building my credibility.

Just thinking out loud.


  1. Agree on this post too! I have had worse experiences with businesses that post the fish, and I would rather have people question and wonder what makes things different (even with no fish posted). I always think that work is one of the best places to see fruit.

  2. This describes exactly how I feel about political candidates. Show me what you believe by what you do, and be able to articulate the guiding principles... but don't wear the religion on your sleeve!